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Thuan Duc actively sources raw materials thanks to PP plastic recycling technology

The sharp increase in oil prices pulled plastic resins fluctuations, which had a great impact on plastics enterprises. This poses a difficult problem for the Vietnamese plastic industry to soon be proactive in raw materials to get rid of dependence. Thuan Duc Joint Stock Company is one of the few Vietnamese plastic enterprises that soon […]

The domestic market helped Thuan Duc increase 40% in revenue

The audited financial statements of Thuan Duc Joint Stock Company in 2020 (TDP) show that the company has reached 1,375.7 billion VND in revenue, up 14.95% compared to the implementation of 2019. Gross profit margin improved adding 1.3 percentage points, reaching 17.26%, helping gross profit to reach 237.5 billion, up 24.3% compared to 2019.Spectacular growth […]

Thuan Duc Group operates vehicles to transport employees to work

To ensure safety and create favorable conditions for all employees, while attracting workers in remote provinces and districts, Thuan Duc Group operates bus routes to transport employees to work at factories in Hung. Yen. Previously, the company had a Hanoi – Hung Yen bus route to serve employees from Hanoi address. This is a solution […]

Dialogue meeting with employees and review of production in 2020

From 12-19/01/2021, Thuan Duc Group held a dialogue meeting with employees and summarized production in 2020 in order to absorb the employees’ positive comments in production, and at the same time promptly resolve problems and ensure benefits for employees. During the dialogue, employees expressed their opinions and aspirations around the issues of production working environment, […]

Thuan Duc (TDP) went to the Central to support flooding people

To share difficulties with people in the Central region heavily affected by floods, Thuan Duc Joint Stock Company (code TDP) went to Quang Binh, Quang Tri areas … to support the people in the Central region. From October 26-28, 2020, the charity delegation of Thuan Duc Joint Stock Company directly visited flood-affected areas to give […]

Meaningful gifts on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival

Along with the wishes of “prosperous Mid-Autumn Festival – Happy union”, the Company presented meaningful gifts to customers, partners and employees of the Company. With the meaning of congratulating a full and fulfilled life, the moon cakes the Company gives to Customers, Partners & Employees a symbol of “family union”. In order to encourage the […]

Câu chuyện về logo của Thuận Đức

Dear friend, if you have been a member or a customer of Thuan Duc, have you ever wondered about the meaning of the characters on the Thuan Duc logo? Let us explain. Company logo is stylized from the first letter of the brand name Thuan Duc “T” & “D”, implying the business philosophy of the […]

What does newspaper say about Thuan Duc Company?

Thuan Duc Joint Stock Company, one of the leading companies in the field of PP packaging, aims to grow revenue and profit by more than 2 digits by 2020 despite the COVID-19 pandemic. On June 28, Thuan Duc Joint Stock Company successfully organized the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in 2020. Shareholders agreed and highly […]