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Recruitment of Administration Manager

Advising, advising and assisting the Board of Management on administrative work at the factories Building, communicating and managing administrative procedures Managing administrative jobs: Management of logistics services: setup of meeting rooms, receptions, events … Manage the procurement / distribution, repair of office equipment for the whole company Buy and distribute stationery   Managing network, telephone, […]

Recruitment Department Manager Recruitment – Training

Job description:   1. Consulting, advising and assisting the Board of Directors on recruitment and training at the factories 2. Managing personnel recruitment – Developing human resources and recruitment plan – Developing recruitment process / policy – Develop a tool to evaluate candidates in the selection process – Provide personnel for the entire company on […]

Recruitment of design staff

* Job description : Design image rendering 2D, 3D. Making printing projects for rotogravure cylinders, mesh printing for supermarket bags. Making maket stamps, cartons. And other jobs required by superiors. Right: Attractive salary and bonus Pay insurance as prescribed by law Enjoy seniority, holidays … There is a separate regime for female workers Many opportunities […]

Recruiting accountants to set norms / manage supplies codes

Quantity: 01 Job description : Receive information about manufactured products, coordinate with the production planning department to get information about the norms of NVL cost structure, processing costs updated on management accounting software by each stage, each code product. Receiving the materials needed to code, conducting the code generation according to the principles of code […]

Recruitment of tax / customs accountants

Quantity: 01 Job description : Balance the plan of sales, expenses, monthly taxes Checking all the detailed and synthetic books to ensure the arising balance Control reasonable expenses in accordance with the tax law. Warning of tax risks ‘- Make periodic report of settlement of import and export activities in accordance with the customs law. […]

Recruitment management accounting professionals

Quantity: 01 Job description : Checking all the detailed and synthetic books to ensure the arising balance Check arising transactions, promptly notify accounting errors; Ensuring the accounting works comply with the accounting standards; Control the analysis of revenue streams Control cost structure, give warnings about abnormal expense flows -Receiving payment plans of accountants, summing up […]

Recruiting cost accounting staff

Quantity: 02 Job description : -General general production costs (depreciation costs of fixed assets, CCDC, prepaid expenses), direct costs (main and secondary raw materials, etc.), processing costs, wage costs … each product object, each workshop, and each stage to serve as a basis for calculating product costs; Based on the declaration of norms to calculate […]

Recruitment of warehouse control accountants

Quantity: 02 Job description : Control the activities of warehousing, ex-warehousing in accordance with the Company’s regulations. All exported goods must be accompanied by documents, signed by the accountant of the materials and the recipient; Based on the input and output vouchers of the reconciling supplies accounting, check the details of accounting on the data […]

Recruit internal security staff and security guards

Thuan Duc Joint Stock Company announces the recruitment of 10 internal security officers and 10 security guards. 1. Recruit 10 INTERNAL SECURITY staff   – Salary: 7,500,000 – 10,000,000 VND / month.   – Enjoy allowances: attendance, seniority, insurance & other allowances as stipulated by the company. 2. Recruiting 10 security guards.   – Salary: […]