Finals of the slogan contest “Thuan Duc – the packaging is beautiful”

Last 21/1 days took place the final round of the slogan “Thuan Duc – the packaging is beautiful” with the excitement of the STAFFS of the 3 factories.

The contest takes place in the framework of the 11th anniversary of the establishment of the company (22/1/2007-22/1/2018) and the production of business of 2017, which confirms the core value of the company. “The packaging is Beautiful” is the guide that Thuan Duc always aims to in every production and business activities to bring quality products, best service quality to serve customers. This is also the message that Thuan Duc packaging wants to send to current and future partners.

Join the finals with 3 teams of the team including the 3 factory office block, factory 1 production block and factory 2 production block. Each team has a different impressive test style. The opening is the examination of the Factory 2 production team with costumes, special helmets and the creative arrangement in the way the slogan has eaten points from the judges. The Office team exudes the youthful style, individualized by the thoughtful preparation from costumes and tools to the demonstration style. The production team of the 1st Army style factory is showing the eloquence, drastic from the Thai, strong and definitive in each sentence.

Section of the production team of factory 2
The youthful style of Office team 3 factories
Factory 1 with a dignified style

The three teams with distinct styles to the slogan “Thuan Duc – the packaging is beautiful” making the hall shatter, enthusiastic audience cheer. Mr. Nguyen Duc Cuong, member BGK commented: “Teams of big, wine and cricket, showing the spirit of the slogan makes the jury a headache to consider”. The final result is the first three teams, receiving valuable gifts and praise and encouragement from the judges. The success of the contest has contributed positively to convey the message “Thuan Duc always towards the values of beauty and sustainability” to customers, partners present and future.


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