Other applications of animal feed packaging

Used animal feed bags are cleverly used by people for many different purposes in life.

Store household items

The bags of animal feed were called by the farmers as the stork bran sack. With durable characteristics, tough, definitely should be used by everyone to store household furniture, containing rice, rice, corn, potatoes, cassava … Especially very handy when moving. They are even used to sew canvases to dry rice, paddy, and shield when it rains when it is sunny.

Other applications of animal feed packaging 1
Feed packaging is used to store food

Growing clean vegetables

Recently, distilled mothers often use the roof terrace to grow clean vegetables. Old stork bran sacks were used to store soil for growing vegetables and flowers. This is a unique way to help housewives save money to buy materials and help reduce waste and protect the environment.

Other applications of animal feed packaging 2
Growing clean vegetables with sacks


Not long ago, many people were very surprised and excited when they saw young Japanese going out to the streets with bags with the familiar words with Vietnamese people such as: “Pork glutton, grow fast, quickly gain weight”. , “Super egg ducks”, “Food for basa and tra fish” … Vietnam’s animal feed packaging has become a fashion bag favored by Japanese youth. Even the packaging is also used as a wallet, clothes, laptop bags, lanterns … With the advantage of environmental protection, the bags of animal feed promises to become a popular trend. future variables.

Other applications of animal feed packaging 3


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