The current situation of plastic pollution is concerning.

In the context of plastic waste, have you ever pondered where it ends up once we discard it?
White pollution, also known as plastic waste pollution, has become a global problem. Since 1950, a whopping 8.3 million tons of plastic have been produced globally, out of which 6.3 million tons constitute plastic waste. Shockingly, only a mere 9% of this waste has been recycled. The remaining plastic, about 70% ends up in landfills and oceans, posing environmental risks.

White pollution, also known as plastic waste pollution, has become a global problem.
White pollution, also known as plastic waste pollution, has become a global problem.

Realizing that the single-use plastic bags are one of the plastic products that cause many small and large ecological and environmental problems when it ends up on streets and subsequently pollute major water sources, rivers, and streams, over 100 countries now have a full or partial ban on single-use plastic bags with varying degrees of enforcement methods, then aim to use recycled bags that is reusable many times, to protect the green environment globally.

Thuan Duc – Transforming plastic waste into valuable resources

Certainly! Thuan Duc factory, driven by the mission of regenerating raw material sources and creating environmentally friendly products, has established a leading recycled PP factory and reusable bag factory in Vietnam. Let’s delve into our recycling process and explore how we contribute to sustainability.

Thuan Duc’s recycling factory was found in 2007 with an area of 1.8 hectares in Hung Yen province.

Thuan Duc has established a leading recycled PP factory and reusable bag factory in Vietnam
Thuan Duc has established a leading recycled PP factory and reusable bag factory in Vietnam

To obtain recycled materials, we procure post-consumer PP packaging from various provinces and cities across Vietnam. These packaging items undergo carefully cleaning and classification based on their color and type  before entering the production line, ensures the most efficient recycling process.

Initially, the raw materials – post-consumer PP packaging – enter the production line. These materials are hased into small pieces,  combined with the cleaning system on the machine to continue to remove remaining impurities, ensuring that only clean plastic progresses to the next stage.

Now the cleaned plastic enters a high-temperature environment become softens and malleable, then pass through the mesh to effectively removes any remaining impurities again and transformed into standard plastic fibers.

The final step is to shape the PP fibers into recycled PP pellets that are meticulously packaged to ensure their quality for the next manufacturing processes.

Thuan Duc - Transforming plastic waste into valuable resources
Thuan Duc – Transforming plastic waste into valuable resources

With a team of skilled workers and standard machinery lines, Thuan Duc has reached a capacity of 3,500 tons of recycled PP per month and ensures that plastic waste finds new life as valuable resources.

Upon concluding the recycling process, the PP pellets proceed through the yarn and weaving stages, ultimately forming PP fabric rolls with technical characteristics consistent with the requirements of each order.

Under strict control by an experienced QC team, our recycled PP fabric has high durability, uniform and stable quality, serving  as the essential raw material for the bag factories within the Thuan Duc system.

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Thuan Duc – Commitment to Sustainable Development

Through the continous dedication to refining and advancing the internal system, Thuan Duc has attained Global Recycling Standard certification. This significant marks our strong commitment to environmental preservation and sustainable growth. Moreover, it opens doors for enhanced collaboration with numerous customers on recycled bag produc and as a result, our brand gains competitiveness and greater recognition both domestically and on the global stage.

Continuing the success of the recycled PP plastic, Thuan Duc opened a 2nd factory producing reusable shopping bags specializing in the international market. Here we use our self-produced recycled PP fabric for printing, cutting, sewing. These shopping bags embody the 3R properties – Recycled – Reusale – Recyclable and meet certification standards from strict regions in Europe and America such as: REACH, Food contact, FDA, CPSIA, PROP 65.
Our entire production process applies modern technology and machinery with a capacity of 300 million bags/year exporting to more than 30 countries worldwide, including large supermarket chains from Europe. , Americas, Australia, Asia

At Thuan Duc, the bags undergo a closed-loop journey—from collecting post consumer PP bags – recycling the PP pellets . These materials then progress through various production stages, ultimately resulting in high-quality PP bag products.

This approach brings great benefits to the environment through carbon savings and efficient use of resources, contributing to the development of a circular economy – carbon savings – Efficient use of resources  – Development of a circular economy
If you are interested in our journey, consider visiting our facilities to witness firsthand how we turn plastic waste into valuable resource.
And join us in our mission to protect the environment by using bags from recycled materials.
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