Recruiting cost accounting staff

Quantity: 02

  • Job description :
    -General general production costs (depreciation costs of fixed assets, CCDC, prepaid expenses), direct costs (main and secondary raw materials, etc.), processing costs, wage costs … each product object, each workshop, and each stage to serve as a basis for calculating product costs;
  • Based on the declaration of norms to calculate the planned cost, rated cost and actual cost;
  • Control the price of each product according to each production order;
  • Adjust the price according to cost fluctuations;
    -Ensure the arising operations are properly accounted according to the accounting standards regime;
  • Organize the evaluation of unfinished products in a scientific manner, which serves as a basis for accounting costs in a complete and accurate period.
  • Make a summary table of analysis of production efficiency by each production order (Actual cost versus planned cost)
  • Periodically make reports as required:
  • Production report: NVL demand report, NVL usage report,
  • Report on cost structure of cost: direct cost of raw materials, consumable materials, processing cost, salary cost, allocation cost …
    -Control the consumption of raw materials to ensure the prescribed norms;
  • Supporting to guide related employees to perform operations related to production costs and exact inventories
    -Collecting with the accounting manager to complete the analysis of profit and loss statement by period
  • Request:
  • Experience in working as an accountant from 01 year experience or more
  • College of accounting or higher
  • Proficient in using accounting software.
  • Fluency in Microsoft word, Excel.
  • – Making up all kinds of tables required by the job.
  • Skill in making, implementing, and monitoring plan implementation
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