Recruitment of warehouse control accountants

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  • Job description :
  • Control the activities of warehousing, ex-warehousing in accordance with the Company’s regulations. All exported goods must be accompanied by documents, signed by the accountant of the materials and the recipient;
  • Based on the input and output vouchers of the reconciling supplies accounting, check the details of accounting on the data software;
  • At the end of the month, compare the inventory number of each warehouse on the accounting data with the inventory figures of the tracking supplies accounting;
  • Planning warehouse inventory, organizing inventory and collating data;
  • Prepare a report on the difference of comparison of warehouse inventory; coordinate with accounting of materials to find the cause of the discrepancy and explanation
  • Request:
  • Experience in working as an accountant from 01 year experience or more
  • College of accounting or higher
  • – Proficient in using accounting software.
  • Fluency in Microsoft word, Excel.
  • – Making up all kinds of tables required by the job.
  • Skill in making, implementing, and monitoring plan implementation
    Phone: 0221.3810.705 met with Ms.Thanh
    Or send your CV to email:
Recruitment of warehouse control accountants 1


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