Tet loving 2018: Giving Tet gifts to workers and disadvantaged workers

On 13/2, Thuan Duc Joint stock company has awarded 35 gifts to workers with special circumstances in the company on Lunar New Year 2018.

35 Tet Gifts with a total value of 52.5 million, each gift of 1.5 million cash is extracted from the company’s charity has been represented by the company leaders to give hands to workers. These are workers, labour in difficult circumstances, such as: Relatives with critical illness, small child, child, family of poor households… Although each person is under circumstances, they all have a common sense to go up to the circumstances where they can be mentally based, which is the family’s economic pillar.

Tet loving 2018: Giving Tet gifts to workers and disadvantaged workers 1

At the meeting, along with the officers and employees, disadvantaged workers, Uncle Hoang Van Auditorium-protect NM1 touched and thank for the attention, the staff of leaders and the company union.

Sharing with difficulties in the life and work of the workers participating in the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Duc Hung – Deputy general director of the company of spiritual athletes who need optimiser, steadfastness, and try harder to overcome their circumstances. The Union will try the utmost to be able to share, support for particularly difficult circumstances, especially in the times of need of the companion, timely support of leaders, trade unions and company EMPLOYEES.

Meeting, visiting and giving gifts before the Tet Holidays is an annual activity, showing affection, caring attention of the Board of Directors and the company union to share difficulties, help the family some Labour STAFF have additional conditions of eating Tet warm With relatives.


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