Thuan Duc Company organizes annual vacation tourism in 2019

This is one of the annual activities showing the beauty of corporate culture and more importantly, the close attention of the Board of Directors to bring joy, moments of rest, relaxation as well as to Responding to the efforts and efforts of employees in the past year.

From 02 / 07-09 / 07/2019, Thuan Duc Joint Stock Company organized 2 summer vacation tours for all of its employees in factories. This year’s tour is organized 3 days and 2 nights at Hai Tien, Thanh Hoa eco-tourism area. During the trip, the delegation organized many entertainment activities, cultural exchanges, sightseeing, Hai Tien beach … Especially the “Gala dinner” program, exciting game show , with the participation of a large number of members and children, the children of the company’s employees create laughter.

The trip not only brought a relaxing space for each staff and relatives, but above all it helped eliminate everyday fatigue and stress, creating a friendly atmosphere of solidarity in the team. Employees participated and especially regained the spirit and strength to continue to enthusiastically carry out their tasks in the next months of 2019.

The trip has built a culture and a spirit of solidarity among the officials and employees in the company, at the same time, tightening the sentiments and showing the consensus in the activities and work in the near future. It is also an opportunity to discover the charming and majestic beauty of the country and the unique cultural features of the Vietnamese nation. The trip really left every member of the company with happy and meaningful memories,

Some photos of the tour:


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