Thuan Duc strengthens prevention of nCoV

Facing the outbreak of Covid-19 disease in several countries around the world, the leadership of Thuan Duc Company directed to strengthen the prevention of Covid-19 disease, creating a peace of mind for working workers. .

Right after the information on Covid-19 epidemic was reported, the Company established and assigned specific tasks to each member of the Steering Committee; at the same time, timely and maintain timely preventive measures such as: measuring body temperature with infrared thermometer, washing hands properly with soap before going to work, wearing masks 24/24 while working, spraying disinfectants of factories and offices to prevent the risk of epidemic spread, restricting crowds of people when they are not needed …

Employees wash their hands with soap under the guidance of the Ministry of Health before going to work
Employees wash their hands with soap under the guidance of the Ministry of Health before going to work

At the time of the complicated development of the epidemic, the Board of Directors specifically instructs a number of tasks:

  • Strengthen food safety and hygiene, ensure fresh food, and nutritious meals for workers.
  • Propagating, reminding employees to raise awareness about disease prevention, proactively practicing sports, eating and drinking in moderation to ensure health.
  • Strengthen the health monitoring and control of employees. At the same time, prepare a scenario when an infected worker happens.
  • Equipping hand-sanitizing hand sanitizer at workplaces, crowded places for people to use.
  • Strengthen the inspection and supervision of the implementation of disease prevention measures. Organize field trips to inspect the performance of employees, monitor workers performing the mask, especially when moving the company’s vehicles.
  • Health workers actively participate in Covid-19 disease prevention training at the district health center.
Equipped with full disinfectant hand sanitizer at work
Health workers participated in training on nCoV disease prevention

With synchronous measures, and the drastic guidance of the Board of Directors, the Company believes in creating a safe environment, minimizing disease risks, thereby protecting the health of people. labor; create motivation for enterprises to continue stabilizing production and achieve the set economic targets.


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