Recruiting PR-IR Staff

I. Job position: PR-IR staff (01 person)

II. Working place: Thuan Duc Office, 6th floor of IPH building, 241 Xuan Thuy street, Cau Giay, Hanoi

III. Job description:

• Working and coordinating with parties including investors, partners, shareholders, depository centers, stock exchanges, securities companies, fund management companies, newspapers …
 • Performing the function of information bridge between the Board of Directors of the Company, shareholders, investors and partners.
 • Communication, business promotion through online channels, newspapers … Internal communication of the Company, updating the Company’s activities news on the Website
 • Coordinating in disclosing information as prescribed, making periodic reports.
 • Coordinating to organize the General Meeting of Shareholders, roadshow, making documents for issuing securities, listing …
 • Analysis of business and financial indicators of the Company.
 • Coordinating the organization of events in the Company as well as participating in external events and conferences.
 • Update articles, external reports on the Company and promptly report to the Board of Management.
 • Other duties as required by the Board of Directors and the division of Room Manager.

IV. Job requirements:

• Age: under 35
  • Qualifications: Bachelor degree (above) in business finance, economics, business administration, foreign trade. Having knowledge about finance and securities.
  • Knowledge / Experience: Minimum of 02 years of experience in finance, securities, economics.

  • Fluency in office computer (word, excel, powerpoint).
  • Ability to present and communicate well.
  • English: Can use English fluently in all 4 skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • Good communication, teamwork, time management.

Attitude and personality:
  • Discipline, honesty, high responsibility, information security.
  • Enthusiastic, ethical, mature, confident in communication.
  • Able to work independently, work in groups well and work under pressure.

V. Benefits:
  • Fully entitled to benefits under the labor law (health insurance & social insurance), travel, health care and other benefits in accordance with the Labor Code.
  • Wage agreement.
  • Modern working environment, professional, with many opportunities for training, professional development, skills, career advancement opportunities.

VI. Contact
  Call 0221.3810.705 to meet Ms. Thanh for more information or send your CV to email:

Recruiting PR-IR Staff 1


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