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THUAN DUC Joint Stock Company

Founded in 2007 in Hung Yen Province, Vietnam by a group of shareholders headed by Mr. Nguyen Duc Cuong – the people experienced in recycled plastic beads and PP packaging. Despite the limited initial startup capital but by Dedication to the profession has gradually attempted to successfully build a good quality recycling plastic seed production plant, cheap, environmental protection.

The motto "Quality is Survival" throughout the development process, our products are highly appreciated by customers in terms of quality. The products of plastic beads, PP packaging, PP shopping bags We can now meet most of the requirements of the strict markets such as Japan, USA, EU...

Currently, our company has become the main supplier – strategic partner of several major retail corporations in the world. Our company is being considered as one of the most powerful companies, having a sustainable and dynamic development strategy that has the potential to enter into the world.

Best regards !


PP Packaging Specialists

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