Organize periodic health checks in 2020 for employees

On 23/05/2020, the Company implemented a health examination in 2020 for all employees in the Hall of the Company headquarters. This is an annual activity to help businesses grasp the health status of workers, with appropriate health care regime for employees.

The health examination includes general checklist such as eye exam, teeth-jaw-face, ear-nose-throat, dermatological examination, height-weight measurement, blood pressure measurement; and some in-depth categories such as: ultrasound, X-ray, blood and urine tests … Detailed examination contents, enthusiastic, professional medical staff, modern equipment. Doctors follow the procedure and complete examination content.

After the results, the Company will synthesize and classify according to the returned health results, set up a follow-up record with the workers who have a doctor’s prescription. From there will arrange work to suit each person, creating conditions for workers to be treated early when there is a disease.

Health examination activities are focused by the Company and held once a year for all employees. For special workers, medical examinations will be held twice a year. This is an activity of practical significance, demonstrating corporate social responsibility even in the time affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. 


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