10/20 filled with joy with Thuan Duc sisters

If life is art, then a woman is a masterpiece. The woman is the embodiment of beauty, kindness, tenderness, sacrifice and dignity. Not forgetting that, on the occasion of Vietnamese Women’s Day on October 20, Thuan Duc’s men gave their fresh flowers and best wishes to the women in the company, in honor of the tributes. donation of women during the past time.

In the early morning at the company, all employees were crowded with the bustling atmosphere to create spiritual gifts and beautiful memories for women in the company. Fresh flower baskets are handed to you. The most thoughtful is probably the brothers in the Finance Committee, in addition to the flowers there are unique gifts, extremely impressive for you.

10/20 filled with joy with Thuan Duc sisters 1
NM1A Director gave flowers and congratulated to the ladies
10/20 filled with joy with Thuan Duc sisters 2
Fresh flower petals for men donate to Thuan Duc women

And an indispensable part is the sincere wishes of the company management, of the men eyebrow representatives to women to honor, cheer, encourage and affirm that women are an integral part. lack of Thuan Duc.

10/20 filled with joy with Thuan Duc sisters 3
Head of Finance gives flowers to women in the company
10/20 filled with joy with Thuan Duc sisters 4
Meaningful gifts from the Finance Department brothers

Once again, wish “indispensable half of Thuan Duc” to have a very happy and happy holiday, wishing you forever beautiful, happy, successful, bright and brilliant flowers. of Thuan Duc and is the driving force for men in the company.

Ms. Nguyen Mai Ngoc – Finance Department employee expressed her feelings: “Witnessing the devotion of the brothers in the company, Thuan Duc women are extremely happy. Thank you very much to the men for giving us a nice memory with our colleagues, friends and brothers on this special day. ”


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