Câu chuyện về logo của Thuận Đức

Dear friend, if you have been a member or a customer of Thuan Duc, have you ever wondered about the meaning of the characters on the Thuan Duc logo? Let us explain.

Câu chuyện về logo của Thuận Đức 1
Logo of Thuan Duc Joint Stock Company

Company logo is stylized from the first letter of the brand name Thuan Duc “T” & “D”, implying the business philosophy of the Company: Thuan is convenient, Duc is shining business ethics. joint. In recent years, the company has developed rapidly with a “dizzying” speed, but always maintains business ethics, taking the TAM as the focus.

The name of the Company is stylized in a square rectangle, bringing the message of product quality: the packaging is square, sturdy, but the design is soft and flexible according to the requirements of customers.

Thuanduc Jsc., Is the abbreviation in English of the Company (Thuan Duc Joint Stock Company), which is also the foreign transaction name of the Company in export activities. Starting to build export factory since 2014, up to now the company’s products have been exported to more than 50 countries around the world. The company’s shopping bag products are popular in many countries, even fastidious markets such as Japan, America, EU …

Sign R (®) – Registered: means the trademark has been protected by the state agency.

Thuan Duc logo is designed to combine two colors of hot – cold: blue – red. In the color scheme, red has the best color fastness, which means Thuan Duc offers products with high durability and durability. The red color shows the enthusiasm, passion and aspiration of a team of employees, engineers of Thuan Duc who always strive and strive to bring sustainable values to the community. Green brings freshness, freshness, and means that Thuan Duc always focuses on green – clean – environmentally friendly products, protecting the health of consumers.

Thuan Duc always focuses on high standards of input materials, production processes and quality management, so Thuan Duc products are always chosen first by customers.


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