Congratulation Letter for International Women’s Day 8-3

Dear customers, partners, female employees in the company dear,

International Women’s Day 8-3 every year is a day dedicated to honoring and expressing a deep interest in the important women in our lives. Regardless of the position or position, women are trying to overcome difficulties, strive to excel in social work and do well in their roles in the family, deserve a place to keep fire and continue. adding strength to the other half of the world.

In honor of this meaningful woman, Thuan Duc JSC would like to send to our customers, partners, female employees in the company the affection of affection and affection, the most sincere thanks. At the same time, wish you always healthy, fresh, happy and successful.

Hopefully, Thuan Duc JSC will always accompany you on the path of strong and sustainable development.

Best regards.

Congratulation Letter for International Women's Day 8-3 1


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