Dialogue Meeting and Production Summary in 2019

From December 27-28, the Board of Directors of the company conducted a dialogue and production summary in 2019 with employees with the criteria of democracy, publicity, transparency, in the spirit of cooperation and construction. and practical effect.

During the Dialogue, difficulties and obstacles in production activities of each workshop were raised. Through the meeting. employees also expressed their aspirations, recommendations and proposals related to the implementation of policies and policies for employees.

Recognizing and answering satisfactorily the questions of the employees, the leaders of the Board of Directors and the Trade Union of the Company are committed to ensuring the regimes for the employees to work peacefully, doing their best and collective efforts to complete. Excellent mission assigned. At the same time, disseminating new laws and policies so that employees can catch on time.

Dialogue Meeting and Production Summary in 2019 1
Dialogue Meeting and Production Summary in 2019

The Dialogue ended happily, publicly, transparently and satisfied the majority of the opinions of all employees of the company.


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