The Voice Thuan Duc Competition 2020

To celebrate 13 years of founding the company, the company organized the contest “The Voice Thuan Duc 2020”.

Through the contest to promote the arts movement, create a healthy playground for all employees, as well as create exchanges and cohesion between the members of the company together.

Through the preliminary round, this year’s contestants are judged to be of outstanding quality, in addition to their good vocals and their well-invested, rich repertoire including singles, duets, top songs, and dances. … The content of the festival revolves around topics praising the homeland, the love of couples, praising the tradition of 13 years of building Thuan Duc.

Mr. Bui The Quyen – Head of the competition commented: “There are many contestants who sing well, perform professionally. We were impressed by the number of participants who were enthusiastic, open and cute. The 30 best performances in the semi-finals will definitely leave a lot of emotion for the listeners. ”

Playground is a healthy and meaningful cultural and entertainment activity, contributing to improving the cultural and spiritual life for employees throughout the company.


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