Dialogue meeting with employees and review of production in 2020

From 12-19/01/2021, Thuan Duc Group held a dialogue meeting with employees and summarized production in 2020 in order to absorb the employees’ positive comments in production, and at the same time promptly resolve problems and ensure benefits for employees.

During the dialogue, employees expressed their opinions and aspirations around the issues of production working environment, salary – bonus & allowance policy, insurance & welfare regime, group, nutrition …

Representatives of the Board of Directors of the Company also gave satisfactory answers to the employees’ opinions, questions and recommendations. At the same time, there were instructions right in the meeting to thoroughly implement the recommendations to make the employees feel secure to work and complete the production tasks of the workshop as well as the Company entrusted. The dialogue has reached a consensus between the Company and the employees.

Dialogue meeting with employees and review of production in 2020 3
Representative of the Company answers the employees’ opinions and problems

Dialogue meeting with employees is an annual activity for employees to participate in building the rules and regulations of the Company, creating transparency in production and business, for employees to trust. , stick and dedicate themselves to the Company.


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