Happy birthday to Deputy General Director Ngo Kim Dung

As a powerful female general in the Company, with her vision and enthusiasm and positive initiatives in production labor, she has contributed significantly to the development of the Company. As a “good at housework – housework” woman in the 4.0 era, she always communicates energy and positive inspiration to women in work and life.

Deputy General Director Ngo Kim Dung – who inspires young people

Today was a meaningful day when all the members of Thuan Duc showed up early to give flowers and congratulate their oldest sister to turn into a new age. In the sparkling candlelight, the congratulations from the bottom of the heart of the Thuan Duc brothers and sisters were sent to the boss – the most dedicated and enthusiastic elder sister. Wish Boss always healthy – happy – fresh, like the spring flowers are always fragrant.

The attention of employees to the Board of Directors of the Company is the bond that helps the affection between superiors and subordinates become closer and warmer than ever. Let’s save beautiful moments, beautiful memories and work together to overcome all challenges, achieving the common goals of the Company.


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