Maintaining the Thuan Duc Charitable Fund during the anti-epidemic period of Covid-19

With the view of “Human resources is the decisive factor for the development of the enterprise”, the Company’s Board of Directors advocates continuing to maintain the Thuan Duc Charitable Fund even in the time of Covid-19 epidemic, many businesses faced difficulties. towels, to ensure life for workers.

Thuan Duc Charitable Foundation was established in early 2017 on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Company. The Fund has been operating for more than 3 years, regularly deducting from 20-30 million VND each month to support the disadvantaged employees in the Company such as: poor family, single parenting, sick parents. , sick children … In addition, the Fund also actively contributes to the charity programs of the Social Protection Center of Hung Yen Province, the Red Cross Association, Kim Dong District Study Encouragement Fund …; to help policy families, wandering children, the helpless elderly people, encourage poor pupils to overcome difficulties…. in the province of Hung Yen.

Maintaining the Thuan Duc Charitable Fund during the anti-epidemic period of Covid-19 1
Giving Tet gifts to employees in difficult circumstances

On the day of foundation, the Fund also donated 30 million VND to the People’s Committee of Kim Dong district to transfer to mass organizations such as the Red Cross …, awarded the People’s Committee of Luong Bang Town 10 million, to the village of 5 million, to support the mobilization of military personnel. went to the army to enlist 3 million, and gave Tet gifts to the disadvantaged employees ….

During the complicated situation of Covid-19 epidemic, maintaining the Charity Fund will increase the cost and pressure for the Company. But with the promotion of solidarity, “Mutual solidarity”, the Company always supports all activities for the community. That is also the mind of business people.


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