Organized the 2nd periodic health examination in 2019 for employees

In order to comply with the provisions of law on labor safety and health and to show the interest of the Board of Directors to the health of employees, on November 13, 2019, Thuan Duc Joint Stock Company held a periodic health examination. 2nd time in 2019 for employees working in special environments. Periodic health examinations are performed by highly qualified nurses, doctors of Vietnam Japan Health Unit.

The organization of periodic health examinations for employees is coordinated by the company and a team of doctors in accordance with the procedures and standards of the Ministry of Health with such items as: measuring height of height, examining eyes, molars. face, blood pressure, blood test, urine, gynecological examination …

Organized the 2nd periodic health examination in 2019 for employees 1

HRegular health check-ups for employees are carried out annually, especially by employees working in special environment always focused by the company, in order to help employees screen for dangerous diseases. becoming popular today such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer .. At the same time, encourage workers to build a healthy lifestyle, maintain a stable health to complete the work and care. for family.


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