Strategic symposium 2021 (continued)

On December 27, 2020, the strategy seminar on cost management theme took place successfully at the Hall of Thuan Duc Company; ending the strategic conference covering 5 key issues of the Group: human resources, technology, loss of purchase – materials, business and cost management.

At the meeting of each topic, members gave close presentations on the production and business situation of Thuan Duc Group system, and proposed appropriate solutions in 2021. At the same time, receiving positive comments from members of the meeting.

Strategic symposium 2021 (continued) 1
Strategic conference based on business topics on 24.12.2022

The strategic conference through 5 seminars highlighted the following contents: training and improving human resources capacity (including professional and managerial and executive capacities); improve, renovate, and absorb science and technology of the world’s packaging industry; ensure the appropriate, stable and planned supply of raw materials and supplies; developing business systems in both quantity and quality; reasonable cost management, economical but effective.

The 2021 strategic symposium is an innovation activity of the business to proactively adapt to the new situation, helping the management team to grasp the direction of the Group in 2021, from which to take specific actions. for departments, workshops as well as individuals in the coming year.

Some pictures of the Conference:


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