Thuan Duc deploys periodic health checks in 2019 for employees

Implementation of sustainable development goals, in which the human factor is the focus and the decisive factor for the success of the business. For many years, besides welfare policies, Thuan Duc has cooperated with prestigious medical units in the area and Hanoi, organized periodic health checks for all employees. Accordingly, on April 18, Thuan Duc held a periodic health examination for all employees in 2019.

The list of health examination as prescribed by the Ministry of Health such as taking blood, urine, eye, ear – nose – throat, tooth – jaw – face, heart examination, blood pressure, height – weight …

Blood pressure test
Physical examination
Eye exam
Blood and urine test

In addition, Thuan Duc staffs are also consulted by doctors about the risk factors for diseases at different ages, advice on necessary changes in lifestyle to help employees maintain good health. based on that, lead a high quality life and at the same time ensure the health to perform professional tasks.


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