What does Cafef.vn newspaper say about Thuan Duc Company?

Thuan Duc Joint Stock Company, one of the leading companies in the field of PP packaging, aims to grow revenue and profit by more than 2 digits by 2020 despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

On June 28, Thuan Duc Joint Stock Company successfully organized the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in 2020. Shareholders agreed and highly agreed with all the contents of the Meeting; through production and business indicators, dividend distribution in 2019, as well as consolidated business targets expected in 2020.

What does Cafef.vn newspaper say about Thuan Duc Company? 1
Annual General Meeting of Thuan Duc Joint Stock Company

Outstanding imprint

Over 13 years of establishment and development, Thuan Duc has maintained its leading position in the field of PP packaging in Vietnam, connecting the environmentally friendly packaging products to the domestic market and international markets such as shopping bag, packaging for the processing of animal feed, fertilizer, sugarcane … (B2B) and packaging for agricultural products such as rice, maize, cassava, tea, pepper … (B2C).

What does Cafef.vn newspaper say about Thuan Duc Company? 2
Some samples of products Thuan Duc Joint Stock Company is providing

In 2020, Thuan Duc is listed in TOP 5 in the list of 500 fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam (FAST500). The production and business targets of the Company all grew highly compared to the plan.

Specifically, in 2019, the parent company’s revenue reached VND 1,152 billion, an increase of more than 54% compared to 2018, profit after tax reached VND 62.4 billion and consolidated revenue reached VND 1,197 billion with profit after tax of 62. billions dong. The EPS of 2019 is 1,902 (VND / share).

The scale of the current Thuan Duc system includes 6 factories and 2 branches in Thanh Hoa and Long An. In which, 4 factories have gone into stable production, 2 factories are being invested and built on a total area of over 10.4 hectares.

The customer network of Thuan Duc not only spreads throughout the country with more than 200 agents, but also spreads all over the world with more than 50 exporting countries.

Owning a closed production chain, modern technology, allows Thuan Duc to be proactive and flexible when participating in the global supply chain. As a result, businesses quickly won the top 3 position in the export of supermarket bags (shopping bags) in Vietnam. Particularly for the domestic market, Thuan Duc always ranks first in the segment of recycled plastics & PP woven packaging.

New goals – new solutions

The company sets a target of VND 1,450 billion in sales of goods and services, VND 94 billion in after-tax profit, 12% in cash dividend, and many other important growth targets.

In order to achieve the 2020 plan targets, the Company will focus on solutions such as expanding the domestic market to the Central and Central Highlands regions, making full use of technology applications in production and business, reducing costs at all stages, promoting branding on VOV radio and traffic …

What does Cafef.vn newspaper say about Thuan Duc Company? 3
Improve and apply technology in production

With flexible solutions, suitable with the existing platform, 2020 is expected to be a stable growth year of Thuan Duc Joint Stock Company, despite the difficult circumstances of COVID-19.

Information box:

Expected consolidated business targets in 2020 (unit: VND billion)

TargetsItemsImplementing 20192020 Plan
RevenueBillions dong1.1971.450
Profit after taxBillions dong6294
Equity capitalBillions dong480480
Basic earnings per sharedong1.9021.960


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