Recruiting accountants to set norms / manage supplies codes

Quantity: 01

  • Job description :
  • Receive information about manufactured products, coordinate with the production planning department to get information about the norms of NVL cost structure, processing costs updated on management accounting software by each stage, each code product.
  • Receiving the materials needed to code, conducting the code generation according to the principles of code generation prescribed by the Company, then providing the code to the relevant departments.
  • At the end of the month, coordinate with workshop managers to determine the number of unfinished products of each product code, update them to the management accounting software.
  • Update statistics on the amount of scrap re-entered at each stage and workshop into the management accounting software;
  • Request:
  • Experience in working as an accountant from 01 year experience or more
  • College of accounting or higher
  • – Proficient in using accounting software.
  • Fluency in Microsoft word, Excel.
  • – Making up all kinds of tables required by the job.
  • Skill in making, implementing, and monitoring plan implementation
    Phone: 0221.3810.705 met with Ms.Thanh
    Or send your CV to email:
Recruiting accountants to set norms / manage supplies codes 1


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