In a visit to Thuan Duc Textile Factory in the autumn of the year of the lunar new year, fond of the sincere feelings of the people here, in the moment of sublimation, poets in the countryside of Kim Dong gave birth to poems Concise, full of emotions called TAM HO THUAN DUC.

The poem is the poet’s praise for the contributions of Thuan Duc enterprises on the path of innovation, building the homeland of the country, contributing to changing the face of a peaceful countryside. Invites readers to read and feel:


It is not a charming place to paint,
Nor where the stork flew straight.
There was no listening sound
deeply passionate,
To take the soul away throughout May.
But there is a reverberator here,
Listen to the life of a hustle life.
Like sounds that sound strange,
The machine and the person kept spinning around.
Recreate packaging from all over the place,
Picking up here was clean white crystal.
Put into a ball mill into small balls,
Then long strokes into thin fibers.
The yarns line up and put into the fast loom,
Into sacks carrying the soul of the wind.
How much love is still tied for more,
To prevent mosquitoes from getting dirty “green silk”.
I kept on following the speed dial,
The place to weave cut into sewing.
Your hands are quick as if saying hello,
Parting farewell to – lovers.
As promised from afternoons,
That Thuan Duc has a beautiful poetic soul.
That’s all but why I am so tired,
Love our people, Thuan Duc.
Director Cuong happily said goodbye,
Deputy Director Quang has an appointment to return.
Welcome Thuan Duc to leave, remember forever,
Sublimation souls write poetry lines.
Shunde contributes to greening our country forever.
By the flight headline fly far away.

The poem "TAM HON THUAN ĐUC" 1


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