Recruitment management accounting professionals

Quantity: 01

  • Job description :
  • Checking all the detailed and synthetic books to ensure the arising balance
  • Check arising transactions, promptly notify accounting errors;
  • Ensuring the accounting works comply with the accounting standards;
  • Control the analysis of revenue streams
  • Control cost structure, give warnings about abnormal expense flows
    -Receiving payment plans of accountants, summing up payment plans by month / week to send to the Capital Committee
  • Exactly checking the settlement of processing debt
    -Check and check control of administrative documents;
  • Organize the management and storage of scientific management documents
  • Other requirements:
  • At least 02 years’ experience in general accounting position at a manufacturing company;
  • University accounting major or higher
  • Proficient in using accounting software.
  • Fluency in Microsoft word, Excel.
  • Make good kinds of tables as required by the job.
  • Skill in making, implementing, and monitoring plan implementation
  • Proficient at least two parts accounting practice.
  • Understand accounting standards and regimes
  • Current tax laws and tax accounting
  • Honest, careful, responsible, logical thinking
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