Solid storage warehouse

If many businesses have to rent warehouses to store goods, Thuan Duc has built a spacious and solid warehouse storage system.

Specialized warehouse system

Thuan Duc with a system of 6 factories, each specializing in one product. Therefore, the system of warehouses of each factory has different strict requirements, however, they must meet spacious, airy and termite-proof standards.

Solid storage warehouse 1
The warehouse system is clean and tidy

Solid warehouse, security, modern

With the location of a solid warehouse, security, customers’ goods are preserved safely, tidy and clean. The warehouse is located in a convenient location for storage and distribution of goods. Even with big orders, a large number of products, Thuan Duc’s warehouses are fully satisfied. Warehouse system is equipped with modern specialized equipment with air conditioning system, ventilation fan, cargo truck, forklift, thermometer, hygrometer …; synchronized mining system and software managed by professionally trained staff. Thuan Duc believes in bringing optimal solutions to meet the needs of customers. l