TD actively participates in preventing and fighting against acute pneumonia caused by Corona virus

Up to now, there has not been any case of acute coronary pneumonia caused by Corona virus at the Company, but before the complicated situation of the disease, the leadership of Thuan Duc company has implemented many preventive measures. , against diseases quickly and promptly. 

Right on the first day of the meeting, the Chairman of the Board of Directors recommended all employees to wear medical masks even while working and resting. Accordingly, health workers have deployed free masks to all factories to minimize the risk of disease spread.

At the same time, deploying body temperature measurement for each employee before and during working hours; Workers must wash their hands with antiseptic alcohol before going to work. Employees are allocated vitamin C supplements to improve resistance. The company also encourages employees to practice sports and exercise, replenish water regularly, clean body … actively prevent epidemics.

At the doorstep of factories, there are signs showing how to prevent acute pneumonia caused by Corona virus. All factories are sprayed with disinfectant to prevent the risk of disease spread.

Along with that, the Company also conducted a survey of the health status of employees during and after the Tet holiday, in order to have measures to isolate and timely monitor workers with fever, cough, shortness of breath. … or just interacted with the Chinese.


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