Recruitment Department Manager Recruitment – Training

Job description:


1. Consulting, advising and assisting the Board of Directors on recruitment and training at the factories

2. Managing personnel recruitment

– Developing human resources and recruitment plan

– Developing recruitment process / policy

– Develop a tool to evaluate candidates in the selection process

– Provide personnel for the entire company on demand

– Managing personnel recruitment procedures until the candidate passes the training and probationary period.

3. Managing the training work

– Making training plan by month and year

– Develop and design internal training programs in addition to framework programs

– Search and select appropriate training service providers to organize external training courses

– Organizing the class: Managing learning materials (paper, books, books, lecture slides, ebooks, …), teaching aids (tables, microphones, computers, projectors, …), arranging situations Case support lectures, exercises

– Collect assessments, feedback on the course and improve the quality and learning efficiency of personnel in the enterprise

– Management of training information.



Experience: At least 03 years of experience in the position of Team Leader, Head of Recruitment, Training, and Administration.

Office IT: Proficient

Understand the knowledge of recruiting and training operations

Understanding labor laws

Skills: communication, presentation, teaching, teambuilidng

Resistant to high pressure of work, with the spirit of market demand, responsibility, honesty, drastic work.

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