Thuan Duc and the ambition to conquer the international playground

Not only is the leading enterprise in the field of producing products from Polypropylene (PP) in Vietnam, after only a few years of bringing the bell to the country, Thuan Duc’s products have been popular in many countries around the world. gender, even fastidious markets such as Japan, USA, EU.

The world generates 300 million tons of plastic waste every year, of which 7-8% is plastic bags. With the durable and persistent characteristics of plastic and nylon products, which have been causing environmental pollution, leaving immeasurable consequences on human health and animal and plant species. This is really a problem that many countries are facing.

A line of supermarket shopping bags (pp shopping bags) with many preeminent features, especially friendly, easily biodegradable, reusable and environmentally friendly, quickly won the hearts of consumers. international. Thuan Duc supermarket bags are of good quality, friendly designs, beautiful designs, affordable prices; It is expected that it will soon overtake the current popular products in the world such as plastic bags.

Thuan Duc and the ambition to conquer the international playground 1
The supermarket bag product line is expected to soon overtake the world’s most popular packaging products such as plastic bags.

Currently, Thuan Duc’s shopping bags have been exported to more than 20 countries around the world. Thuan Duc is the main supplier and strategic partner of many large retail groups in the world with Diverse products, quality and beautiful. Thuan Duc products have been imported and widely used even in strict markets such as the EU, Japan and the US.

Ambition to conquer the international playground

Facing the growth potential of the international market and the rapidly growing reality of Thuan Duc in the past 2 years, in 2019, the company aims to reach 150 million export bags and 7,000 tons of domestic packaging, revenue. expected 1,100 billion VND, an increase of 136% compared to the year 2018. Especially, it is proactive, actively and widely penetrating into fastidious markets such as Japan, USA and EU.

In order to realize this ambition, Thuan Duc plans to increase its charter capital to VND 320 billion in 2019. Concentrating human and material resources to promote the production of supermarket bags as well as friendly plastic products. environment, completing on-going projects, quickly bringing products to the market with the highest profit.

Thuan Duc and the ambition to conquer the international playground 2
System of factories, construction machines according to international standards

Improve product quality

Quality is the first crucial issue to keep guests; Especially with international standards are stricter. If the quality is not good, there will be no customers, so Thuan Duc advocates to build a standard factory and scale to boost export markets. Upgrade the increasingly modernized production line to automate high productivity, minimize labor, errors and product costs. Delivers truly quality products such as high strength, standard toughness, sophisticated and meticulous design, meeting all customer requirements, including complex or stylish models. Taking advantage of recycled raw materials to provide environmentally-friendly, self-destructing products after use in the natural environment is a plus point for Thuan Duc towards international customers. The initiative of raw material sources, not being dependent on imported raw materials, is also an advantage that helps Thuan Duc to meet big orders.

Develop international standards

In a difficult export story, it is very difficult but it is easy to ensure that the standards are met when exporting to big markets. Therefore, Thuan Duc develops a comprehensive set of standards on quality, labor use, environmental protection standards, food hygiene, workshops, protective equipment for workers according to standards. international. Currently, Thuan Duc has achieved international certificates ISO 14001: 2004, 9001: 2008, ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015, ICS, BSCI, GRS.

Thuan Duc and the ambition to conquer the international playground 3
Thuan Duc reached ISO 14001: 2015 system

With the goal of reaching out to the world, Thuan Duc strives to become an enterprise not only good business, effective management system but also leading in technology and corporate culture.


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