General introduction about Thuan Duc Packaging brand

Thuan Duc is a long-standing reputable brand specializing in the manufacture and supply of PP packaging, PP recycled plastic beads, shopping bags, and domestic and international PP woven bags. Thuan Duc is trusted by businesses and consumers for its high quality products that are friendly to the environment, compact design, exquisite colors and affordable prices. The products are manufactured on state-of-the-art, advanced technology lines in the field of packaging – plastic beads, along with a team of enthusiastic long-term engineers and a team of skilled workers. Thuan Duc is a prestigious brand in the Vietnamese packaging market.

PP packaging is a common type of packaging in the fields of fertilizer, chemicals, food, livestock, cement, rice, sugar, salt … PP packaging today is widely used in the country, and popular in Many countries in the world. With the advantages of high durability, containing many products, and easily transported far away, Thuan Duc pp packaging has been present in all areas: agriculture, industry, construction, livestock …

Thuan Duc PP packaging includes 2 types: plain pp bags and pp bags with brand information (logo, address, contact information …). Products are manufactured under strict closed processes and ensure hygiene and safety as follows:

  • Granulation: materials purchased will go through chopping, cutting, boiling, melting, cutting stages to form standard plastic particles.
  • Spinning pp: the plastic particles will be pulled into long pp yarn, the yarn is machined so beautifully and up to standard.
  • Weaving: The yarn will be woven into various styles according to the customer’s requirements.
  • Printing, lamination: Plain PP woven bags, or PE-coated bags, flexographic printing paper bags. OPP film coating is the most professional and beautiful, gravure printing technology on OPP film, then transplanting this film into PP woven fabric roll.
  • Cutting finished garment and packaging: PP woven rolls are cut, sew finished and packaged. Each stage is carefully inspected by the quality control department and packed properly before delivery to customers.
General introduction about Thuan Duc Packaging brand 1
A stage in the PP packaging production line

Thuan Duc PP packaging has many kinds of sizes to withstand many different loads. The product always ensures high durability, standard toughness, exquisite design, meticulous in every needle path. Each design is not only an ordinary product but also the essence of the packaging industry. Each product is not only for holding goods but also to enhance the beauty and strength of a brand.

Thanks to gravure printing technology, 9-sided flexo printing and automatic lamination technology, Thuan Duc PP Packaging has a variety of designs, meeting all customer requirements, including complex patterns. or style. Premium ink for bold, sharp images. Our professional sale and image design team will give advice to our clients personally or customers can send us the sample request.

General introduction about Thuan Duc Packaging brand 2
Automatic coating technology

Thuan Duc has up to 3 manufacturing plants with a capacity of up to 15 million products / month that can meet the great needs of customers. In addition, the product price is also very affordable. The bigger the order, the better the price.


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