The atmosphere was busy preparing for the Lunar New Year 2018

To welcome the new year in the warm, happy atmosphere of the Lunar New Year of the Year of the Rooster 2018, Thuan Duc Joint Stock Company urgently promotes the thoughtful and safe Tet preparations.

In particular, the work of assigning and arranging to ensure that the personnel on duty in Tet holiday is especially important. Directors and managers of factories and workshops regularly check and remind shift workers to comply with the Company’s guiding document, never use alcohol, beer before, during and after hours. working on the way back under the motto “New Spring, don’t forget the mission”. In the days leading up to the New Year, the security forces also strengthened the inspection and supervision to ensure security in the company area, and coordinated closely with the Hung Yen fire fighting force if any unusual fire and explosion occurred. to handle promptly.

In order to raise the spirit of “Mutual solidarity”, “Good leaves protect torn leaves” of the Vietnamese people every Tet to Spring, the Trade Union of the company has cooperated with the Labor Confederation of Kim Dong District to give 5 gifts. Tet holiday for employees in especially difficult circumstances. Employees are touched by the affection and deep concern of the federation and the company.

On this occasion, the company also sent meaningful gifts and greetings to customers, agents, partners … who have attached and contributed significantly to the development of the company over the past time.


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