International Women 8/3: Filled with colors, full of joy

International Women’s Day 8/3 is a day dedicated to honoring beauty, affirming the role of women in the family and society. This is also the opportunity for the beard to show love and respect for Phai Dep.

The female staff is one of the important factors contributing to the great success of Thuan Duc Packaging Company today. The Thuan Duc sisters are not only active, creative, hard-working, many women hold important positions in the company but still retain the beauty, charm and courage … The freshness and that enthusiasm has created a joyful working environment, improving the overall working efficiency.

International Women’s Day 8/3 is an opportunity for the company to express its deep gratitude for the significant contributions of women over the past time. In that atmosphere, the men in the company offered beautiful bouquets to the departments, workshops and their dear wishes, meaningful gifts. Everyone chatted and exchanged affectionate eyes. The cheerful and bustling sisters recorded these memorable moments.

Fresh bouquets of flowers come from the eyebrow whiskers

March 8 is not only a gift, but above all it is an opportunity for the members of Thuan Duc house to draw closer, share happy moments to work towards a common goal: Because sustainable values.


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