Thuan Duc is self-sufficient in material source

While many other packaging enterprises still have to import raw materials from foreign countries, Thuan Duc has produced it for itself and also provided it to other businesses in the same industry. This not only helps increase sales but also ensures stability in production for businesses.

90% of Vietnamese enterprises import plastic materials from abroad

It is considered as one of the most dynamic and growing industries (in the past 10 years, the domestic plastic industry has been growing at 15-20% / year), but it is interesting that the plastic industry has not been proactive in resources. raw materials, must import 80-90% of raw materials from abroad, equivalent to about 2.1 billion USD / year.

From 2008 until now, the plastic industry has had to suffer from many price increases of raw materials, which has greatly affected the production and business activities of enterprises. Because of being too dependent on raw materials, the price of Vietnamese businesses is always higher than China and India by 10-15%.

Thuan Duc is self-sufficient in material source 1
Import of plastic materials in 2016.

Plastic industry is not proactive in raw materials, this is a big obstacle for businesses, especially if there is no source of raw materials from scrap plastic mixed with virgin plastic resins to reduce product costs, it can not be competitive. with countries in the region.

In this context, recycled plastic technology is considered an ideal exit for many Vietnamese businesses. Accordingly, the establishment of plastic scrap recycling plants will be the first step in an effort to reduce the burden of material difficulties for businesses.

Survey of businesses, with the use of plastic scrap making input material prices down by about 30% will contribute to reducing product costs by more than 15%, increasing the competitiveness of Vietnam’s exports.

“In addition to many fastidious customers such as the US and Japan … they also require export plastic products to use a minimum of 10% recycled plastic to lower prices and environmentally friendly products.” , Mr. Nguyen Van Phuoc, Deputy Director of Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Ho Chi Minh City said.

Thuan Duc has mastered the material

The source of raw materials for production of pp packaging are pp recycled plastics. PP recycled pellets are plastics that are recycled from packages, ropes, carpets, films, stationery, and other pp plastic parts such as: laboratory instruments, speakers, automotive interior parts, etc. The products of recycled PP granules are tough, slightly hard, highly durable physical properties, used to pull woven threads, pull packing lines, and press industrial and household products. PP plastic recycling is an excellent technology and achievement in saving energy, natural resources and the environment.

Thuan Duc is self-sufficient in material source 2
Technology of producing PP plastic granules of Thuan Duc

Applying recycled plastic technology, purchasing used cement bags. Through the process of cleaning, washing, mincing, boiling, melting, cooling … will produce standardized plastic resins. Plastic resins are used by the factory to spin the production of packages, others are supplied to customers. 1A factory with nearly a dozen modern production lines, the amount of plastic beads generated each day is extremely large.

Thuan Duc plastic resins always ensure the criteria of toughness, slightly hard, high strength and low impurities. In particular, there are Thuan Duc products specialized for weaving clear white or milky pp bags; This recycled plastic pellet is made from pure cement bags, not mixed with stone powder, and is sewn by a net 10. In addition, there are other types of PP used for weaving bags, which are dark green and dark red. by 10 mesh.

With the advantage of active raw materials, it helps businesses ensure continuous production activities, price stability and revenue growth.


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