Automatic coating technology

Laminating is one of the important stages to create the finished packaging. Thuan Duc uses automatic lamination technology to graft PP with OPP / BOPP film to increase thickness, mechanical strength for packaging and speed up semi-finished laminating.

The automatic coating technology allows fast joining speed, multi-layer joining with many different materials, meeting the technical and fine art standards, high adhesion, stable capacity, meeting orders. big.

Thuan Duc composite film laminating machine uses OPP / BOPP plastic layer laminated with PP film by adhesive layer; giving the packaging hard, good strength, good printing for beautiful images, sharp, vivid, high aesthetic. The number of operators is small.

PP woven yarn goes through the coating system with molten PP resin, melted under pressure of the spray nozzle, spread evenly on one or two sides, helping to strengthen the physical mechanism of PP woven bags and prevent moisture for products contained inside. Coated adhesive has the function of binding between the PP woven fabric and the OPP / BOPP film to form a composite textile.

Automatic coating technology 1
Coating machine operator

This kind of coated PE cage is considered the preeminent product line using automatic compounding technology, often used to store fertilizer, animal feed or refined agricultural products. The product consists of a circular woven PP bag outside with a PE bag inside, combined with 9-sided 2-color flexo printing technology to produce a high-brand product.

Thuan Duc Joint Stock Company specializes in manufacturing PP woven bags OPP / BOPP laminated or matt, coated and mixed to help customers have many suitable options, can be OPP / BOPP film with 2 sides or 1 side. 3 high speed laminating laminating machines reach 120-140m / min (the average industry reaches 80-100m / min / machine) to ensure the progress of customers’ requirements.


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