Recruitment administrative personnel

Job description:

  • Building and executing recruitment activities of the company
    Receive Recruitment needs and plan a job placement for each position.
    Directly interview and make appropriate hiring decisions.
    Negotiate the regimes and proceed to sign contracts with new employees.
    Solving problems arising with employees during the process of working at the company.
    Manage, store records and resumes of employees in the company.
    Monitoring, implementing and settling social insurance and health insurance regimes for company employees who are eligible to participate in the prescribed regime.
    Monitoring and managing the implementation of employee regimes according to the company regulations: leave regulations, overtime regulations, business travel regulations, …
    Directly or advise the company in handling cases of absence according to regulations, absenteeism in contravention of regulations, contradictions during the working process, etc.
    Implementing or advising the company to supplement the policies, remuneration for recruiting – using – retaining employees. Ensure balance and legal regulations between the rights and obligations of employees and the company.

Administrative work:

  • 188/5000Manage facilities and assets in the company
    Drafting documents, notices, … at the request of superiors
    Making applications for APEC and Visa cards for company employees working abroad


  • Graduated major in human resource management or equivalent experience in 1 year or more
    Ability to observe, grasp and solve problems
    Promote honesty, care and cooperation with colleagues in the company’s common affairs.
    Proficient in using computers, office software


  • Salary and bonus according to agreement. Review salary according to working capacity.
    Participate in all social insurance regimes.
    Dynamic working environment, many opportunities for learning and improving professional experience
    Been traveling every year
    Reward on holidays
Recruitment administrative personnel 1


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