Modern printing technology

Thuan Duc applies gravure and flexo printing technologies to the production of packaging for units and businesses. These are the leading modern printing technologies in the world.

Gravure printing technology

Gravure printing or concave printing is a printing technique that uses a copper-plated printing cylinder about 100 microns thick, the printing elements are engraved deep and below the surface of the printing axis, the non-printing element is on the surface. The printing axis and most gravure printing are mainly printed in rolls.

Gravure printing has the advantages of high accuracy and high quality image recovery. Print speed can reach over 200m / min, but the cost of high printing spindle often requires large numbers of printing from 500,000 cycles or more.

Gravure printing is currently the preeminent method to create high quality packaging products. Thuan Duc uses the most modern gravure printing technology imported in the country with the world’s leading printing industry, always creating the best products that are trusted by a large number of customers.

Modern printing technology 1
Modern printing technology of Thuan Duc

Flexo printing technology

Flexo printing is a embossing technique, the elements printed on the mold are higher than the non-printing elements. The image on the mold is reversed, ink is applied with anilox roll, and then the ink is transferred directly to the media through the printing press.

Flexo printing allows printing on a variety of media. The ink dries very quickly and does not stain. Good ink adhesion. Fast printing speed, can reach to 600m / min. The price of reprint is cheap. Flexo printing technique is suitable for mass printing, large quantity, uniform color of finished product.

Quality ink

Printing ink directly determines the quality of the printed product. When choosing a beautiful ink, the product will produce an attractive, crisp packaging with many prominent highlights. The thickness of the ink layer will determine the gloss of the print quality, thereby creating more vivid images.

Thuan Duc always uses the quality ink of the leading printing corporations in the world, ensuring stability and safety. Quality durable ink, highlighting the design. Print output reaches 160-180m / min / machine (in the industry the average is 140m / min).

Modern printing technology 2


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