Automatic packaging technology

The packaging stage is the last stage before the product reaches the consumer, so it needs precision and meticulousness. Instead of using a large number of workers with uneven quality that can lead to stagnant packaging processes that do not guarantee quality, Thuan Duc has applied automatic packaging technology to production for high productivity and Stable, less errors in packaging.

Automatic packing line

The automatic packaging line consists of management workers and machines at each packaging stage. The raw materials are transported through the machine system, sequentially packed meticulously, professionally and surely. Thuan Duc with dozens of automatic packaging lines allows the packaging of products in large quantities without errors, resulting in high productivity.

Automatic packaging technology 1
Packer meticulous error control

Automatic packing conveyor

Thuan Duc uses a product packing conveyor system to save manpower and improve production efficiency. At the same time reduce noise and easy maintenance, safety performance, stable operation is simple. On the system is divided into many different stages from: Check => Options => Package.

Automatic packaging technology 2
Automatic packing conveyor

Automatic strapping machine

Dozens of Thuan Duc’s modern strapping machines with advanced technology, use packaging for different types of small and large sizes, with fast strapping speed to save packaging time. It takes only 1 person to operate the machine and can strapping goods easily. Easy-to-tight barrel straps help the goods form a solid block to ensure safety of the product inside when moving or storing.

Automatic packaging technology 3
Automatic strapping machine


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