Automatic sewing machine cutting technology

After finishing, the complex paper will be rolled up through automatic folding system of hips, edge presses, bottom sewing and packaging of finished products.

The sewing cutting process uses modern advanced technologies

Automatic overlay technology: while many places still have manual stitching, Thuan Duc has used automatic eye-stitching technology, so when cutting, the precision is very high. With dozens of different body cutters, straps, bottom cutters, the running capacity of the machine is very large, maximum generating from 30,000 to 50,000 semi-finished products / day. With this machine, people do not have to spend hard labor to cut, fold and sew the material rolls. The stages of printing, cutting, folding … are done at the same time, so it saves labor power as well as increases productivity and productivity. Machine can cut many sizes as required. Average cutter output reaches 140-180 pieces / minute / machine (usually in the industry 80-100 pieces / minute / machine); average trimmer output reaches 400 pieces / minute / machine (in the industry usually reaches 150-170 pieces / minute / machine).

Automatic sewing machine cutting technology 1
Automatic cropping technology

Automatic sewing technology: sewing the finished product using a programming machine, a 2-needle electric sewing machine, a rake machine. These are all modern sewing machines to ensure precision during sewing, reducing the possibility of errors, fast sewing speed, for even and sophisticated stitches.

Automatic sewing machine cutting technology 2
Modern sewing factory system

Automatic strapping technology: instead of manual manual strapping, Thuan Duc uses automatic strapping technology with fast, noise-free strapping speed, ensuring the product is sure to help move and protect. easier administration.

With modern technology, automatic production lines, reduced personnel utilization to 1.5-2 times, Thuan Duc is confident to serve customers with large orders and complex designs.


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