Thuan Duc Charitable Foundation: Spread love

Thuan Duc Charitable Foundation works on the principle: “Help from the inside out – From near to far”.

In the early days of 2017, in the atmosphere to celebrate the Lunar New Year of the Year of the Rooster, Thuan Duc Joint Stock Company urgently prepared for the review of 2016 and the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the company. On this occasion, the Board of Directors decided to establish Thuan Duc Charity Fund with the purpose of helping the disadvantaged families in the company, policy families, wandering children, the elderly and helpless elderly people. based on the company’s operations as well as inside and outside Kim Dong district, Hung Yen province and across the country.

Regular activities include:

  • Helping in difficult situations in the company and in the districts and provinces;
  • Organize volunteer programs at social protection centers in Hung Yen province;
  • The charity program once every 3 months. Participating in charitable programs launched by state management agencies in Hung Yen province.
The charity fund awarded VND 30 million to the People’s Committee of Kim Dong district

Thuan Duc Charity Fund is managed and managed by Thuan Duc Joint Stock Company. The Fund was formed on the basis of: voluntary contributions of members of Thuan Duc Joint Stock Company; deducted a part of profits from the company’s annual production and business activities; The contribution of individuals and organizations who are partners of the company has the generosity to support and support.

Charity fund given to the towns of Luong Bang and Bang Ngang villages

On the first day of announcing the establishment on the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the company, the fund received the contribution of the guests with a total amount of 254,000,000 VND, in which typical individuals such as: Secretary, Chairman of Kim Dong district, … On the same day of establishment, the Chairman of the Board of Directors decided to deduct 30 million VND to donate to the District to transfer to mass organizations such as the Red Cross … to give the town. VND 10 million, donated 5 million villages, supported to encourage soldiers to enlist in the army to enlist 3 million, and gave Tet gifts to employees in difficult circumstances ….

Giving gifts to officials and employees in difficult circumstances
Giving Tet gifts to families in the vicinity

Thuan Duc Charitable Fund is looking forward to the support and enthusiastic contributions of members, customers and partner units. Let’s join with Thuan Duc to help more unfortunate situations, the difficult lives and spread kind things to society.


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